Type Conversion In Modern Javascript - Part I

Type Conversion In Modern Javascript - Part I


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·Apr 24, 2021·

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Type conversions in javascript refer to the ability to convert from one data type to another. For example, we can convert numbers to strings as follows;

console.log(typeof(30 + 'years'));//string

If javascript fails to perform a meaningful type conversion i.e tries to make an impossible conversion, for example, a string to a number, the result is NaN.

console.log(Number(30 + 'years')); //NaN

You should note that when two numbers presented as stings are added together, the result is a string. Example;

console.log(typeof('2' + '3')); //string

This is because javascript doesn’t actually perform the typical addition functionality that is represented by the + operator but instead performs string concatenation. This means it treats the two numbers just like any other string, and when two strings are combined, the result is a string type.

console.log('2' + '3'); //23

On the other hand, if we were to perform a different operation example multiplication, division, or subtraction, then javascript would automatically convert the strings into a number and perform the actual arithmetic operation. Examples;

console.log('2' * '3'); //6
console.log(typeof('2' * '3')); //number

console.log('2' - '3'); //-1
console.log(typeof('2' - '3')); //number

console.log('6' / '3'); //2
console.log(typeof('6' / '3')); //number

console.log('6' % '3'); //0
console.log(typeof('6' % '3')); //number

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